Registration: $20.00

This is a fee paid at the beginning of each school year.  This fee covers student copies, monies for postage, and various activities throughout the year for the student body.

Science Lab: $10.00 

The fees are used to buy animals to dissect, random lab supplies ( DNA Extraction, Osmosis, chemicals for biomoleculer testing, chemicals for chemistry, microscope slides, etc). 

Vocational Fee: $15.00

This fee is for all Vocational Agriculture students including Carpentry, Construction Tech, Ag I and Ag II, Welding I, CORE, et al.

First Responders: $15.00

Once a student completes certification, he/she receives a BLS card for $10.00. $5.00 used in the semester for classroom supplies.

Physical Education:  $20.00

The fees are used to purchase a PE uniform and game equipment

Business Classes: $10.00 

The money collected is for computer issues and supplies for the class, such as printer paper, ink, or other miscellaneous class supplies.

  Art Fee: $15.00

The fee is used to purchase pencils, rulers, paper (in various sizes), markers, colored pencils, scratchboards, glues, crafting supplies, erasers, an extensive array of paints in a variety of colors.

Family/Consumer Science:  $15.00

The fees will be used to buy classroom materials such as food ingredients, fabric, thread, etc.